Straight From the Horse’s Mouth…A Horse Cures Himself of Cancer…

In 1840, John Hoxsey discovered a cancerous tumor on the leg of his favorite horse.  John couldn’t bring himself to kill the horse and just decided to let him roam the farm at will, until he died.

Each day, when all the horses were let out to graze, that particular horse would separate from the herd and go graze by himself in another part of the farm. After several months of this daily grazing habit, John discovered that the tumor literally fell-off the horse’s leg, revealing fresh healthy skin underneath!  It was then, that John Hoxsey decided to go over to that special section of the farm to see exactly what his horse was eating, and made a list of all the herbs in that “special” little grazing patch.  Using his Veterinary knowledge, John began treating other horses with cancer very successfully, using those same herbs that his horse had been instinctively eating!

He passed the wonderful “formula” onto his son, who passed it on to his son, John C. Hoxsey, who became a licensed Veterinarian, curing horses of cancer, just like his grandfather and father had done; but around 1902, John C. thought that if the formula worked so well for horses, that maybe it would work for humans with cancer too! …   And boy, did it ever!  It worked so well, in fact, that he had to practically turn his home into a clinic to accommodate all the people who came from miles around to be healed of their cancer with what would come to be known as THE HOXSEY THERAPY!

My only question to all Cancer Patients undergoing poisonous chemotherapy, scorching radiation, and/or mutilating surgery, is….”Aren’t YOU Smarter Than a Horse??!!!”

Just in case the answer happens to be, “No!”

…Get the Herbs … Eat The Herbs and GET WELL!   😉



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