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God made it pretty easy for humans to receive proper nourishment and be healthy when he told Adam and Eve to, “Eat the Plants for Food and the Herbs for Medicine.”   And that’s exactly what most animals still do today, and humans would be wise to do the same!  I can’t believe that here in the 21st Century, we (humans) are still “pretending” that there is no actual  “cure” for Cancer, spending billions of dollars every year on useless research and dangerous drug development, even though in the year 1840 a very special horse with a cancerous sore on his leg, cured himself of Cancer by simply eating a few fresh herbs on a daily basis for several months!  (You can read about this amazing story by clicking here!)  So, I’m trying to make the process as easy as I can for all of you by doing the research and providing lists of specific herbs that have cured popular diseases throughout history, according to Jethro Kloss and Stan Malstrom in their books, Back to Eden, and Natural Herbal Formulas, respectively.   The “rules” of good nutrition and health have NOT changed since the beginning of time, so why is it so difficult for so many of us to embrace natural non-invasive healing techniques that include simple natural herbs from Mother Earth?


  1. FIND YOUR HEALTH CHALLENGE – I have listed several CATEGORIES along the right side that have been issues with my friends and family over the years.  They are arranged in Alphabetical Order. Click on the ones of interest and you will find a LIST OF HERBS that have been proven throughout history to solve that particular health issue.  As time goes on I will provide more detailed information about each herb as is done for the Category, “CANCER Herbal Medicine”, but I didn’t want that to hold-up the Herbs4Life website from going “live”, just because of design preferences.
  1. MAKE A LIST OF THE HERBS – Write down ALL of the herbs on the list, so that you can refer to it as you start to CUSTOMIZE the Herbal Medicine for YOUR body.
  1. FIND EACH HERB ON THE HERBAL PREPARATION AND SAFETY CHART to make sure that EACH herb is SAFE for YOU to take!  Some of you will have various health concerns that may interfere with the effectiveness of one or more herbs on your list.  If you have ANY question in your mind about an herb’s safety because of your current health situation, CROSS IT OFF THE LIST, and DON’T make it apart of your CUSTOMIZED FormulaTwenty five years ago when I discovered that lump in my breast, I didn’t know about this precautionary step and made my “formula” out of ALL of the 32 Historical Herbs I found, because I wanted the MAXIMUM herbal attack on that lump!  I was fortunate that I had no other health condition that could have interfered with my healing!  You can read about my first personal experience taking herbs by clicking here.
  1.  BUY THE ORGANIC HERBS I have included a banner which will take you to Mountain Rose Herbs, the Organic Herbal Farm.  In my view, they are the best Certified Organic Herbal Farms out there, and I highly recommend them to all of you!  You will have to buy a minimum of 4 ounces of each herb, but their prices are quite affordable compared to prescription drugs that damage your liver!

buy organic chamomile1 How To Use This Website!

  1. MIXING YOUR HERBS  –  Now, in ALL of my Formulas I used EQUAL PARTS of all herbs, to get maximum benefit from each herb and to simplify the mixing process, so when your herbs arrive, simply open each package and dump them all in a clean plastic bag, and shake to mix them well!  The only variable to this practice has been when using Cayenne, which I now reduce to 1/4 of the other herbs because of it’s hot spicy flavor.  You can also do your mixing on a much smaller scale, for example, only mix one ounce, or less, of each herb, if you have a small scale that can accurately weigh parts of ounces.)  You want to do a thorough mixing job here because you want each ½ teaspoonful of your customized formula to have ALL of your herbs in it, for maximum benefit.  Most of the herbs will be available in powdered form, but some of them may not.  If this is the case, individually put the non-powdered herbs in a blender or coffee grinder to help pulverize them like the others.  Add them to the other herbs in the Mixing Bag before shaking vigorously to completely mix your Herbal Medicine for usage.
  1. EATING YOUR CUSTOMIZED HERBAL MEDICINEAs good as these herbs are for your body, most of them do absolutely NOTHING for your taste buds!  For this reason, most people put their herbal medicine in capsules, which is a tedious process.  Over the years, I have encapsulated plenty herbs, but now, for my personal usage of any herb, I choose to just take a ½ teaspoon of my herbal medicine, put it on the back of my tongue (pass most of the taste buds), and swallow them down with big gulps of filtered water!  How you get them into your body is up to you, but if you need the capsules, when you get to Mountain Rose Herbs, just do a SEARCH for “empty capsules” in the top right-hand corner.

JETHRO KLOSS’ GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR HERBAL MEDICINE COMPOUNDS:  “Take two Capsules (approx. ½ tsp.) three times daily with a large glass of water, and then regulate the dosage from there…more or less as needed.””

NOTE:  As you can see, YOU are responsible for being in touch and listening to your own body and it’s reactions to all of these wonderful Herbal Medicines.   Some of you will feel like staying right at the original recommended dosage, while others will need to increase or decrease it, depending on the results.  YOU are in charge of your HEALTH…take CONTROL NOW!!!


7.      STORING YOUR HERBAL MEDICINE – The best storage for any herb is in air and light tight containers in a cool place, because air, sunlight and heat reduce  herbal potency, and you want your herbs to stay powerful, at least until you are well, and this can take one or two years, depending on your condition, and your determination to GET WELL!  I cured myself in TWO WEEKS because I was DETERMINED to get rid of that lump in my breast! (Read my Story)

8.  MAKE A JOURNAL OF YOUR DAILY EXPERIENCES – It may be helpful for you to write a Journal about your daily experiences with your Herbal Medicine, so that you can refer to it later, or share it here with other visitors on their own Health Journey!  There are a few examples of my journal notes in the Your Cancer Cure FORUM, when I experienced Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for 16 days.   To “fine-tune” your formula, you may have to increase, or decrease one or more of the herbs based on how your body feels and reacts to your formula on a daily basis.

It’s REALLY fun and empowering to take control of your health with ACTIONS that produce positive results, so have fun!  🙂


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Thanks for reading.. .and Remember…to Eat Herbs and GET WELL!


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