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Diseases Are NOT Hereditary…They’re DIETARY!

 The regular readers of the Your Natural Cancer Cures websites at http://www.YourCancerCure.net and http://www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com know that I am an advocate for eating ORGANIC fruits, vegetables, nuts and using herbal medicine to maximize the quality of your good health and prevent disease!  Too often, we allow the Medical Industry to sell us on the misconception that […]

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NO MORE DIABETES Combo! – Will Shock Your Pancreas Back into Action!

The NO MORE DIABETES COMBO is a natural Herbal Medicine compound that cleans out mucus and sedimentation and stops infection in the pancreas.  This cleansing action stimulates and activates the pancreas back to its natural function, thus, regulating the correct use of sugar in the bloodstream.  It is composed of the following herbs:   Alum Root, […]

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