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Diseases Are NOT Hereditary…They’re DIETARY!

 The regular readers of the Your Natural Cancer Cures websites at and know that I am an advocate for eating ORGANIC fruits, vegetables, nuts and using herbal medicine to maximize the quality of your good health and prevent disease!  Too often, we allow the Medical Industry to sell us on the misconception that […]

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The NO MORE CANCER Combo! – A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!

Throughout history there has been a host of natural herbs discovered to successfully fight cancer, and I personally prepared an Herbal solution for a good friend of mine at least 30 years ago, using ALL of the following 32 historically powerful cancer prevention herbs in a powdered combination that she took 3 times daily, along […]

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Knowing What Causes Cancer is Important to Your Health

  If you have not yet read the article or viewed the Video Tutorial on “What is Cancer?”,  please do so by clicking the respecitve links above, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer by your doctor.  Knowing exactly what cancer is, and what causes cancer, will enable you to better pinpoint an alternative […]

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Learn Why the “Parasite Killing Kit” Works! If you haven’t read the article, “My People Die For Lack of Knowledge”, please read it so that you can learn the reasoning behind the Herbal Medicine in the Parasite Killing Kit. Removing all of the different parasites that invade the human body is  absolutely impossible using pharmaceutical […]

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My Natural Breast Cancer Cure Tutorial

It’s been over 25 years since I discovered that lump in my right upper breast, and I’m happy to report, that single cyst was the first and the last one that I have found to date, and for this I am so VERY thankful!  I sincerely hope that my story and this tutorial can give […]

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