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Diseases Are NOT Hereditary…They’re DIETARY!

 The regular readers of the Your Natural Cancer Cures websites at and know that I am an advocate for eating ORGANIC fruits, vegetables, nuts and using herbal medicine to maximize the quality of your good health and prevent disease!  Too often, we allow the Medical Industry to sell us on the misconception that certain diseases are “hereditary”!  Frankly, I believe that very few diseases are hereditary, and most are instead, the result of medical mental programming (“as a man thinketh” … about contracting a disease…you will most likely get it!), and unhealthy and incorrect cooking habits that are, unfortunately, passed down from one generation to the next, without question!

A well-known humorous example of “Generational Food Preparation Habits” is the story about “Grandma’s Cooking Secret”, where the newly-married granddaughter’s husband asked her why she cut off the ends of the roast before cooking, and the only answer she could give him was, “That’s the way my Mother and Grandmother always did it.”  Only to find out later, when she asked her Grandmother about that strange “secret”, that the roast was too big for Grandma’s available cooking pan, and she had to cut off the ends to make it fit in the pan!

Dietary Consequences For One Disease – Diabetes

To exhibit the DIETARY nature of a all-too-popular disease, Diabetes, a company in Connecticut, named Raw For Thirty Days, LLC,  took six Diabetics and put them on an ONLY RAW ORGANIC DIET for 30 Days, and amazingly, five out of the six, were NOT Diabetic at the end of those 30 days!  They no longer needed insulin, or any of the diabetic medicine that they were previously taking on a daily basis before the experiment!  Now how cool is that?!!  The one Diabetic that did not experience the amazing results of the others, quit before the 30 days had passed. So, for the people who have been identified as having any level of “Diabetes”, it seems that all they need is access to good ORGANIC Fruits and Vegetables, a good support system, a little belief and determination, to completely overcome Diabetes!  Checkout this amazing video Trailer!

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Our Ignorance of Why Diseases Exist is Not Our Fault!   

We, as Americans, grossly underestimate the power of good ORGANIC Food in our diets on a Daily basis, but it’s NOT really our fault!  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has, not only known about the benefits of nutrition, but documented the proof from years of research during the 60’s, that a good nutritional DIET is very beneficial in curing and preventing almost ANY disease!  Unfortunately, our elected officials in government office, at the time, confiscated the report in 1971, right after the completion of the $35 Million Report, entitled Benefits From Nutrition Research.  The report didn’t resurface again until 1993/94, when it was mysteriously forwarded to the organization, Citizens For Health, to help in their fight to prevent the FDA from classifying Dietary Supplements as Drugs. If you haven’t noticed, they are still making headway towards that goal with the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, introduced by John McCain!

Effective Disease Control Starts with YOU!

The time for Americans to blindly trust their elected politicians to “Do the RIGHT thing” is long gone, because MOST of our “trusted” politicians have become “spiritually bankrupt” and corrupted by greed, money and power, and are not interested, at all, in the well being of the American People!  And as time continues, our Food, Health and Medical Freedoms are systematically being eroded away with new laws EVERY YEAR that significantly reduce our Health, Medical and Food choices!  It doesn’t do much good to have all the freedom in the world, when you only have ONE choice!

Let YOUR Congresspersons know that you want to not only retain all of our existing Food, Health and Medical Freedoms, but for them NOT to vote for any Law that reduces our choices in any of those areas, like the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, and the Food and Drug Modernization Act, and not requiring GMO Foods to exist in our markets without being labeled as GMO foods!  If you don’t stand-up NOW, people, you’ll be lying down for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and GMO Food Industries to just walk all over you, while “killing you softly”, and fleecing your pockets, all the way to your graves!

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The NO MORE CANCER Combo! – A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!
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Throughout history there has been a host of natural herbs discovered to successfully fight cancer, and I personally prepared an Herbal solution for a good friend of mine at least 30 years ago, using ALL of the following 32 historically powerful cancer prevention herbs in a powdered combination that she took 3 times daily, along with drinking Red Clover Blossom Tea for her Daily Water intake.  When I met her, she was feeling bad and getting treated with radiation, but after a couple of weeks on the following 32 herbs, she was off of the radiation and feeling well again!  And now, thirty years later, she’s still here…over weight and not in the best of health, because she still let’s her tastbuds dictate her diet…but, she’s still here!

Here we will give VERY specific characteristics of each Cancer Fighting Herb, so you can decide which ones fit your specific needs.  We hope this will aid each of you in customizing your own compounds specifically for YOUR body.  You will be able to read the specific attributes of each herb, and order the specific herbs that you need from Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the few certified organic herb farms!   Whatever herbs you cannot find at Mountain Rose, most likely, Herbs of Mexico (though not organic) will have.

Be sure to TAKE NOTE OF ALL WARNINGS in each herb description and refer to the Herbal Medicine Safety Chart (provided by Herbs of Mexico) to make sure all the herbs you chose are absolutely SAFE for YOU!  Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following herbal information was researched using “Back To Eden” By Jethro Kloss, and “Natural Herbal Formulas” by Dr. Stan Malstrom, as references.

<buy organic chamomile1 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!



Botanical Name = Aloe Socotrina

Common Names = Bombay aloes, Turkey aloes, mocha aloes, Zanzibar aloes, Barbados aloes, and Curacao aloes

Part used = leaves

Medicinal Properties: Cathartic, stomachic, aromatic, emmenagogue emollient vulnerary.


Description and Uses:  Promotes menstruation when it is suppressed.  Will expel pinworms after several doses.  Aloes is one of the most healing agencies we have among the herbs.  It is used in many cathartics since it is one of the best herbs to clean out the colon.



Botanical: Agrimonia Eupatoria Common Names: Common Agrimony. Church Steeples. Cockeburr. Sticklewort. Philanthropos. Part Used: The herb. —Habitat—The plant is found abundantly throughout England, on hedge-banks and the sides of fields, in dry thickets and on all waste places. In Scotland it is much more local and does not penetrate very far northward.

–Medicinal Action and Uses—Astringent tonic, diuretic. Agrimony has had a great reputation for curing jaundice and other liver complaints. Gerard believed in its efficacy. He says: ‘A decoction of the leaves is good for them that have naughty livers’: and he tells us also that Pliny called it a ‘herb of princely authoritie.’ Dioscorides stated that it was not only ‘a remedy for them that have bad livers,’ but also ‘for such as are bitten with serpents.’ Dr. Hill, who from 1751 to 1771 published several works on Herbal medicine, recommends ‘an infusion of 6 oz. of the crown of the root in a quart of boiling water, sweetened with honey and half a pint drank three times a day,’ as an effectual remedy for jaundice. It gives tone to the system and promotes assimilation of food.

Agrimony is also considered a very useful agent in skin eruptions and diseases of the blood, pimples, blotches, etc. A strong decoction of the root and leaves, sweetened with honey or sugar, has been taken successfully to cure scrofulous sores, being administered two or three times a day, in doses of a wineglassful, persistently for several months. The same decoction is also often employed in rural districts as an application to ulcers.

Information about Agrimony supplied from



Botanical name: Sanguinaria Canadensis

Common Names: red puccoon, Indian plant, pauson, repaint root, red root, Indian paint, letterwort

Medicinal properties: Emmenagogue, tonic, diuretic, stimulant, febrifuge, emetic, sedative, and rubefacient.


Description and uses: It is and excellent agent in the adenoids, nasal polyps, sore throat, and syphilitic troubles.  When the condition is not easily overcome, combine with equal parts of golden seal.  Bloodroot is also excellent for piles by using the strong tea as an enema.  Effective remedy in coughs, colds, laryngitis, bronchitis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, catarrh, scarlatina, jaundice, dyspepsia, ringworm, whooping cough, running sores, eczema, and skin diseases.  Small doses stimulate the digestive organs and heart.  Large doses act as a sedative and narcotic.  Bloodroot was used as a body paint by the American Indians

logo2 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


Botanical Name: Iris versicolor

Common names: Poison flag, water flag, water lily, flag lily, fleur-de-lis, liver lily, snake lily, flower-de-luce, iris

Part Used: Rhizome

Medicinal Properties:  Alternative, resolvent, sialagogue, laxative, diuretic, vermifuge.


Description and Uses: Useful in cancer, rheumatism, dropsy, impurity of blood, constipation, syphilis, skin diseases, liver troubles, and as a laxative.  It is very relaxing and stimulating.



Botanical Name: Viola odorata

Common Names: Sweet violet, common blue violet

Part Used: Entire plant

Medicinal Properties: Mucilaginous, laxative, emetic, alterative, antiseptic

Description and Uses: As a tea, violet leaves are used as a blood purifier. Violet leaves are very effective in healing and give prompt relief in internal ulcers.  They have been used as a treatment for cancer.  Use externally for this purpose as a poultice and take the tea internally.  For cancerous growths and other skin diseases, violet is especially beneficial when combined with red clover and vervain.  Violet is a successful remedy in gout, coughs, colds, sores, sore throat, ulcers, scrofula, syphilis, bronchitis, and difficult breathing due to gas and morbid matter in the stomach and bowels.  Violet is wonderful for nervousness or general debility when combined with nerve root, skullcap, or black cohosh.  Relieves severe headache and congestion in the head.  Very effective for whooping cough.



Botanical Name: Rhamnus frangula

Common names: European buckthorn, black alder dogwood, black alder tree, alder buckthorn, black dogwood, Persian berries, European black alder, arrow wood.

Part Used: bark, fruit

Medicinal Properties: Purgative, diuretic, emetic, vermifuge.  Fruit – purgative.

Description and Uses: Buckthorn bark is a very well-known cure for constipation.  It is important to note that freshly cut bark should NOT be used: the bark should be dried for one to two years before using.  It is not habit-forming.  It is an effective remedy for appendicitis.  Good in rheumatism, gout, dropsy, and skin diseases.  Will produce profuse perspiration when taken hot.  Expels worms.  Take both internally and apply externally as a wash.  Ointment made of buckthorn is very effective in reducing itching.  Will remove warts.  Good used as a fomentation or poultice.



Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Common Names: Grass burdock, clotbur, bardana, burr seed, hardock, hareburr, hurr-burr, turkey burr seed, beggar’s buttons, thorny burr, lappa, cocklebur

Parts used: Roots, leaves, seeds

Medicianl Properties: Roots – diuretic, depilatory, alterative.  Leaves – maturating.  Seed – alterative, diuretic, tonic.

DESCRIPTION AND uses: The root is one of the best blood purifiers for syphilis and other diseases of the blood.  It cleanses and eliminates impurities from the blood very rapidly.  Burdock tea taken freely will heal all kinds of skin diseases, boils, and carbuncles.  Increases the flow of urine.  Excellent for gout, rheumatism, scrofula, canker sores, sciatica, gonorrhea, and leprosy.

468 new1 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


Botanical Name: Rhamnus purshiana

Common names: Purshiana bark, Persian bark, sacred bark, chittem bark, bearberry, California buckthorn.

Part used: Bark

Medicinal Properties: Purgative, bitter tonic.

Description and Uses: One of the oldest, time-proven and most reliable remedies for chronic constipation.  It is not habit-forming.  It is a good intestinal tonic.  An excellent remedy for gallstones and increases the secretion of bile.  Good for liver complaints: especially an enlarged liver.

Caution: Fresh bark should not be used.  It should be at least one year old before using.



Botanical Name – Capsicum frutescens

Common Names; Cayenne pepper, red pepper, capsicum, Spanish pepper, bird pepper, pod pepper, chillies, African pepper, American red pepper, garden pepper.

Part Used: fruit

Medicinal Properties: Stimulant, tonic sialogogue, alterative, rubefacient, carminative, digestive.

Description and Uses: Red pepper is one of the most wonderful herb medicines we have.  We can do many things with it that we are not able to do with any other known herb.  I should never be classed with black pepper, vinegar, or mustard.  These are all irritating, but red pepper is very soothing.  While red pepper smarts a little, it can be put in an open wound, either in a fresh wound or an old ulcer, and it is very healing instead of irritating: but black pepper, mustard, and vinegar are irritating to an open wound and do not promote healing.  Red pepper is one of the most stimulating herbs known to man.  It causes o harm and has no unhealthy reaction.  It is good in all forms of low diseases.  Cayenne is good in coughs, torpor of the kidneys, and to arrest mortification.



Botanical Name: Larrea tridentate

Commona Names: Creosote bush, gobernadora, hediondilla

Parts Used: above-ground parts of the plant

Medicinal Uses: In tinctures to make creams and lotions for external use.  Sometimes used internally as a tea in alternative cancer treatments.  Seldom found encapsulates or as an extract.

Description and Uses: Chaparral contains lignans that are very similar to estrogen, giving it an effect on the skin similar to that of soy taken internally.  Applied to the skin, chaparral can have a remarkable healing effect on eczema, herpes, cold sores, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

Precautions: Chaparral was once banned by the American herbal products association when it was thought the herb could have caused hepatitis, but the ban was lifted when no association between the herb and the reported cases of hepatitis could be confirmed.  Its long term use is not recommended and excessive use may result in stomach upset.


Information about Chaparral obtained from



Botanical Name: Stellaria media

Common Names: Starweed, starwort, satin flower, adder’s mouth, Indian chickweed, star chickweed, tongue grass, winter weed, stitchwort.

Parts Used: Herb

Medicinal Properties: Alterative, demulcent, refrigerant, mucilaginous, pectoral, resolvent, discutient.

Description and Uses: Chickweed can be used in many ways.  It is considered a great nuisance by gardeners, but it can be used as a food like spinach.  It may be used fresh, dried, powdered, poultices, fomentations, or made into a salve.  Excellent in all cases of bronchitis, pleurisy, coughs colds, hoarseness, rheumatism, inflammation, or weakness of the bowels, and stomach, lungs, bronchial tubes – in fact, any from of internal inflammation. It heals and soothes anything it comes in contact with.

120x60 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


Botanical Name: Galium aparine

Common names: Bedstraw, clivers, coachweed, goose grass, gooses’ hair, grip grass, gravel grass, gosling weed, hedge-burrs, clabber grass, catchweed, milk sweet, poor robin, savoyan, scratchweed, cleverwort, cheese rent herb

Part used: Entire herb

Medicinal properties: Refrigerant, diuretic, aperient, alterative, tonic

Description and Uses: One of the best remedies for kidney and bladder troubles, particularly burning or suppressed urine, especially when used with broom, uva ursi, buchu, and marshmallow.  Makes an excellent wash for the face to clear the complexion. Due to its refrigerant properties it is excellent in all cases of fever, scarlet fever, measles, and all acute diseases.  Good in many skin diseases, such as cancer, scrofula, and severe cases of eczema.  Also good for inflammatory stages of gonorrhea.  Excellent for stones in the bladder, scurvy, and dropsy.  This herb may be used freely.  Can be used like spinach.  Is excellent to cleanse the blood and strengthen the liver when used in this way.  Cleavers is very astringent due to its high tannin content.



Botanical Name: Symphytum officinale

Common names: Blackwort, bruisewort, gum plant, healing herb, knitback, slippery root, wallwort, nipbone.

Part used: Root

Medicianl Properties: Demulcent, astringent, pectoral, vulnerary, mucilaginous, static nutritive.

Description and Uses: Powerful remedy in coughs catarrh, ulceration or inflammation of the lungs, consumption, hemorrhage and excessive expectoration in asthma and tuberculosis.  Very valuable in ulceration or soreness of the kidneys, stomach, or bowels.  The best remedy for blood urine.



Botanical Name: taraxacum officinale

Part Used: root, leaves

Medicinal Properties: hepatic, aperient, diuretic, depurative, ionic, stomachic.

Description and Uses: Young dandelion leaves have been used in much the same way as spinach or in fresh green salads.  Dandelion contains twenty-eight parts sodium.  The natural nutritive salts purify the blood and help to neutralize the acids in the blood.  Anemia is caused by a deficiency of proper nutrients in the blood and really has little to do with the quantity of blood.  Dandelion is one of the old well-known remedies.  The root is used to increase the flow or urine in remedies.  The root is used to increase the flow of urine in liver problems.  It is slightly laxative.  It is a splendid remedy for jaundice and skin diseases, scurvy, scrofula and eczema.  Useful in all kinds of kidney troubles, diabetes, dropsy inflammation of the bowels and fever.

Has a beneficial effect on the female organs. Increase the activity of the liver, pancreas and spleen, especially in enlargement of the liver and spleen.  Promotes bile formation.

banner2 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


Botanical Name: Echinacea angustifolia

Common Names: Sampson root, purple cone flower, black Sampson, red sunflower

Part Used; Root

Medicinal Properties: Alterative, antiseptic, tonic, depurative, maturating, febrifuge

Descripation Na Uses: An excellent blood cleanser. Used for bleed poisoning, fevers, carbuncles, acne, eczema, boils, peritonitis, syphilitic conditions, bites and stings of poisonous insects or snakes, erysipelas, gangrenous conditions, diphtheria, tonsillitis, sores, infectious, wounds.  Use as a gargle for sore throat.  Combined with myrrh, it is an excellent remedy for all of these purposes.



Botanical Name: Hydrastis Canadensis

Common Names: Yellow paint root, orange root, yellow puccoon, ground raspberry, eye root, yellow Indian plan, tumeric root, Ohio curcuma, eye balm, yellow eye, jaundice root.

Part Used: Root

Medicinal Properties: laxative, tonic, alterative, detergent, othalmicum, antiperiodic, aperient, diuretic, antiseptic, deobsturent.

Description and Uses: This is one of the most wonderful remedies in the entire herb kingdom.  When one considers all that can be accomplished by its use and what it actually will do, it does seem like a real cure-all.  It is especially valuable in all diseased states of the digestive system.

NOTE: Do not take either during pregnancy or continuously for a long period of time without some periods of rest.



Botanical Name: Eupatorium purpureum

Common Names: Trumpet-weed, Gravelweed, Joe-pye Weed, Jopi Weed, Queen-of-the-Meadow Root, purple boneset, Eupatorium purpureum, trifoliatum, and maculatum.

Part Used – Fresh root

Medicinal properties: Diuretic, nervine.  Formerly the use of this purple flowered Boneset was very similar to that tof the ordinary Boneset.  It is sepecially valuable as a diuretic and stimulant as well as an astringent tonic, and is considered a valuable remedy in dropsy, strangury, gravel, hematuria, gout and rheumatism, exerting a special influence upon chronic renal and cystic troubles.

Description and Uses:  This is a good solution for gravel in the bladder, chronic urinary and kidney disorders, dropsy, neuralgia, and all such ailments.  excellent for rheumatism.  Very soothing for the nerbs and relaxing.  increase the flow of urine, and is a wonderful remedy when combined with uvaursi, marshmallow, blue cohosh, and lily root for female troubles, bladder and kidney infections, diabetes, and Bright’s disease.



Botanical Name: Glycyrrhizia glabra

Common Names: Sweetwood, Licorice Root

Part used: Root

Medicinal Properties: Laxative, tonic, expectorant, demulcent, pectoral emollient

Description and Uses: Licorice is primarily used for lung and throat problems.  It is useful in coughs, bronchitis, congestion, etc.  It was used as a treatment for coughs as long ago as the third century B.C.  It is frequently added to other herbal combinations to make them more palatable and for its demulcent action.  Acts as a mild laxative.  A decoction of one teaspoonful of the root in one cup of water is a good strength for children.  A mixture of licorice, wild cherry, and flaxseed makes a wonderful cough syrup.



Botanical name: Balsamodendron myrrha

Common Name: Gum myrrh tree

Part used:  powdered gum, resin

Medicinal Properties: Antiseptic, stimulant, tonic, expectorant, vulnerary, emmenagogue

Description and Uses: An ancient Bible remedy, still in use today and one of the best, it is valuable as a tonic and stimulant for bronchial and lung diseases.  Excellent for pyorrhea, as it is antiseptic and very healing.

d0aef3dd40ac19c The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer! 


Botanical Name: Berberis aquifolium

Common Names:  Wild Oregon Grape, holly-leaved barberry, mahonia, California barberry, mountain grape

Part Used: Root

Description and Uses: Useful in liver and kidney troubles, rheumatism, constipation leukorrhea, and uterine diseases.  Is a good blood purifier and useful in scrofulous and chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema.



Botanical Name: Phytolacca decandra

Common Names: Red weed, red ink plant, poke weed, garget, pigeon berry, scoke, coakum, Virhinia polk, pocan bush, American nightshade, red ink berries.

Part Used:  Root, leaves, berries.

Medicial Properties: Alterative, resolvent, deobstruent, detergent, antisyphilitic, antiscorbutic, athartic.

Description and Uses: CAUTION: Do not eat this plant raw or inadequately cooked.  Poke root should be boiled before eating and the water drained off and discarded;  boil it again in fresh water and drain of the water again.  It may then be eaten.

The tender leaves are excellent as greens for the dinner table, especially in the early spring.  They are eaten by many people for the purpose of toning up the whole system.  The green root of poke is a most useful agent.  Very good in the enlargement of the glands, particularly the thyroid gland.  Very good for hard liver, biliousness, inflammation of the kidneys, enlarged lymphatic glands.  It is effective in goitre, either taken internally or applied as a poultice or liniment.

CAUTION: The seeds, which are present in the berries, are poisonous and should not be eaten.



Botanical Name: Populus tremuloides

Common names: Quaking aspen, American aspen, quaking asp, quiver leaf, trembling tree, trembling poplar, white poplar, aspen poplar, abele tree

Part Used: Bark, buds, leaves

Medicianl Properties: Stomachic, febrifuge, tonic, antiperiodic, balsamic

Description and Uses: In looking at the tall poplar tree, I see wonderful properties in the buds, bark and leaves.  Poplar is well-known throughout the world as a wonderful tonic.  It is better than quinine for all purposes for which quinine is used and has none of the aftereffects as does the continuous administration of quinine.  It is very useful for disease of the urinary organs, especially if weak.  An excellent aid to digestion and to tone up run-down conditions, either in disease or old age.



Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum americanum

Common names: Northern prickly ash, toothache bush, toothache tree, suterberry, suterberry bark, yellow wood, yellow wood berries, pellitory bark, prickly ash berries

Part Used: Berries, bark

Medicinal Properties: Tonic, stimulant, diaphoretic, alterative, nervine, deobstruent, and sialagogue

Description and Uses: The prickly ash is a beautiful little tree, growing from eight to twelve feet tall, full of thorns, and often just covered with berries about the size of a currant.  I used to cut off a little of the bark and chew it. I will help sores in the mouth and ease the pain of a toothache.  Both the bark and the berries are used.  This tree is a most wonderful remedy for many diseases.  The berries are generally considered to be more active than the bark and are a most wonderful tonic and stimulant.  They are extremely useful in chronic rheumatism and many skin conditions, syphilis, colic, derangement of the liver, scrofula, and chronic female troubles.  The berries are also antispasmodic and carminative, acting mostly on the mucous membranes to relieve asthma and colds generally.  They are very beneficial in treating paralysis of the tongue and mouth, as they increase the flow of saliva and help to remove obstructions in every part of the body.  The berries are every fine in bad cases of cholera and are a splendid blood purifier.  The powder is excellent when sprinkled on old wounds and indolent ulcers.  Use one teaspoon of the bark or berries in a cup of boiling water.  Take a cupful a day, cold, one swallow at a time.


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Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense

Common names; Wild clover, cleaver grass, marl grass, cow grass, trefoil, purple clover.

Part Used: Flowers

Medicinal Properties: Depurative, detergent, alterative, mild stimulant

Description and Uses: Red clover is one of God’s greatest blessings to man.  Very pleasant to take and a wonderful blood purifier.  Use with other herbs in this compound, clover is a great help in treating cancerous growths, leprosy, and pellagra.  Learn to use this God-given remedy effectively.  Used without other herbs, it is good for cancer of the stomach, whooping cough, and various spasms.  The warm tea is very soothing to the nerves.  I have used red clover blossoms for many years with excellent results.  It is exceedingly good for cancer on any part of the body.  Use it freely.  It can be taken in place of water.



Botanical Name:  Helianthemum Canadense

Common Names: Cistus, Frostweed, frost plant

Parts Used: The dried herb

Medicinal Properties: Astringent, alterative and tonic

Description and Uses: It has for long been used in secondary syphilis, diarrhea,  ulceration, ophthalmia, and any conditions arising from a scrofulous constitution. Locally it is useful as a wash in prurigo and as a gargle in scarlatina, and in poultice form for scrofulous tumors and ulcers.

Description provided from



Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Common Names: carden sage, red sage, purple top sage

Part Used: Leaves

Medicianl Properties: Sudorific, astringent, expectorant, tonic aromatic, antispasmodic, nervine, vermifuge, emmenagogue, diuretic, stimulant, disphoretic, stomachic, antiseptic.

Description and Uses: Sage is a wonderful remedy for many diseases.  It could almost be called a “cure-all”.  I might be said that you could never go amiss if you take sage.

A strong sage tea is an excellent gargle for tonsillitis or ulcers in the throat or mouth.  It can be mixed with a little lemon and honey to make a fine tea. Which will prevent night sweats, stomach troubles, dyspepsia, biliousness, gas in the stomach, and bowels.  It will expel worms in adults and children.  Also used in liver and kidney troubles.  Will stop bleeding of wounds and is very cleansing to ole ulcers and sores.  Wounds of any kind will heal more rapidly when washed with sage tea.  It is very soothing in nervous troubles and will relieve headaches.  A most effective hair tonic.  Will make hair grow if the roots have not been destroyed.  Will remove dandruff.  The Chinese know that the sage tea will keep them well while the tea that we buy from the Chinese makes the American people sick.



Botanical Name: Smilax officinalis

Common Names: Jamaica sarsaparilla, guay-quill sarsparilla, red sarsaparilla

Part Used: root

Medicinal Properties: Alterative, diuretic, demulcent, antisyphilitic, stimulant, antiscorbutic

Description and Uses: Very useful in rheumatism, gout, skin eruptions, tetters, ringworm, scrofula, and psoriasis.  An excellent antidote after taking a deadly poison.  Drink copiously after thoroughly cleaning out the stomach with and emetic.  Excellent for internal inflammations, colds, catarrh, and fever.  Powerful to expel gas from the stomach and bowels.  An excellent blood purifier.  If used independently, take only for two weeks out of every three.

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Botanical name: Ulmus fulva

Common names: Red elm, moose elm, indian elm, sweet elm, American elm, rock elm, winged elm

Parused: Inner bark

Medicinal Properties:  mucilaginous, demulcent, emollient, nutritive, diuretic, pectoral.

DESCRIPTION AND USES: Slippery elm is highly nourishing and very soothing to the stomach as a tea.  It is very effective in diarrhea, bowel, stomach, bladder, and kidney troubles.  It is soothing and healing wherever it is used.  It is very nourishing, an din case of famine a person could live for some time on the inner slippery elm bark.  An excellent treatment in female troubles when used as a bolus.  Slippery elm will congeal the mucous material troubling the patient and help it pass through the intestines.  It cleans, heals, and strengthens.



Botanical Name: Rumex acetosa

Commone Names: Commone field sorrel, red top sorrel, gardne sorrel, meadow sorrel, soutgrass

Part Used: Leaves, root

Medicinal Properties: Diuretic, antiscorbutic, refrigerant, vermifuge

Description and Uses: The leaves are used like greens as spinach, and are very high in life-giving properties.  It kills putrefaction in the blood, expels worms, and is warming to the heart.  The root boiled is good for profuse menstruation or stomach hemorrhage.  Also expels gravel from the kidneys, and is good in jaundice.  A tea made for the flowers is good for internal ulcers, scurvy, scrofula, and all skin diseases.



Botanical Name: Stillingia sylvatica

Common Names: Queen’s Root, Queen’s Delight, Silver Leaf

Part Used: Root

Medicinal Properties: In large doses it is a emetic and purgative.  In smaller doses it is an excellent alterative and influences the secretory functions.

Description and Uses: It has almost a specific action in the different forms of primary and secondary syphilis, also in skin diseases, scrofula and hepatic affections, acting with most successful results.  Some pieces of the fresh root chewed daily have permanently and effectually cured bronchitis and larygitis.

Information for Stillingia provided by

AB11 final The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


Botanical Name: Salix alba

Common Names:  Willow, salacin willow, willow  bark, with, withy.

Part Used: leaves, bark

Medicinal Properties: Tonic, antiperiodic, astringent. Antiseptic, anodyne, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge.

Description and Uses: The ability of willow bark to reduce fever and alleviate pain has been know for centuries.  It is closely related to the common aspirin.  It is useful in all stomach troubles, sour, stomach, and heartburn.  Excellent in all kinds of fevers, chills, ague, acute rheumatism. Use internally and externally.  Good for bleeding wounds, nosebleeds, or spitting of blood, as an antiemetic, eyewash, and to increase the flow of urine.



Botanical Name: Rumex crispus

Common names: Sour dock, curled dock, narrow dock, garden patience, rumex

Medicinal Properties: Alterative, tonic, depurative, astringent, antiscorbutic, detergent

Description and Uses: tones up the entire system and is an excellent and effective remedy for the following: impure blood, eruptive skin diseases, scrofula, glandular tumors, swellings, leprosy, cancer, ulcerated eyelids, syphilis and running ears.  Makes a valuable ointment for itch and sores. Yellow dock is high in tannin content and should be taken only every other week, if used independently.

While the above herbs were the only herbs I used thirty years ago, now that I’ve  researched several Alternative and Natural Cancer Cures, since then,  I’ve discovered other herbs that should be added to the “NO MORE Cancer” Herbs List, namely:

Barberry – which is the only herb of the famous  Hoxsey Tonic Herbs that was absent in the “NO MORE CANCER Combo”.

Graviola Tree


Enjoy your journey back to good health with natural ORGANIC Herbs From Mountain Rose Herbs!

Click on the Banner below to get started on YOUR CURE TODAY!!

  468 new3 The NO MORE CANCER Combo!   A Powerful Herbal Medicine for Treating and Curing Any Cancer!


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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth…A Horse Cures Himself of Cancer…

In 1840, John Hoxsey discovered a cancerous tumor on the leg of his favorite horse.  John couldn’t bring himself to kill the horse and just decided to let him roam the farm at will, until he died.

Each day, when all the horses were let out to graze, that particular horse would separate from the herd and go graze by himself in another part of the farm. After several months of this daily grazing habit, John discovered that the tumor literally fell-off the horse’s leg, revealing fresh healthy skin underneath!  It was then, that John Hoxsey decided to go over to that special section of the farm to see exactly what his horse was eating, and made a list of all the herbs in that “special” little grazing patch.  Using his Veterinary knowledge, John began treating other horses with cancer very successfully, using those same herbs that his horse had been instinctively eating!

He passed the wonderful “formula” onto his son, who passed it on to his son, John C. Hoxsey, who became a licensed Veterinarian, curing horses of cancer, just like his grandfather and father had done; but around 1902, John C. thought that if the formula worked so well for horses, that maybe it would work for humans with cancer too! …   And boy, did it ever!  It worked so well, in fact, that he had to practically turn his home into a clinic to accommodate all the people who came from miles around to be healed of their cancer with what would come to be known as THE HOXSEY THERAPY!

My only question to all Cancer Patients undergoing poisonous chemotherapy, scorching radiation, and/or mutilating surgery, is….”Aren’t YOU Smarter Than a Horse??!!!”

Just in case the answer happens to be, “No!”

…Get the Herbs … Eat The Herbs and GET WELL!   😉



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Knowing What Causes Cancer is Important to Your Health
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If you have not yet read the article or viewed the Video Tutorial on “What is Cancer?”,  please do so by clicking the respecitve links above, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer by your doctor.  Knowing exactly what cancer is, and what causes cancer, will enable you to better pinpoint an alternative or natural cancer treatment that can easily turn into YOUR Cancer Cure, with a little determination and the proper preventative maintenance precautions and practices after receiving your treatment!

Knowing What Causes Cancer Gives You Confidence

to Find Your Cancer Cure!

When I discovered the lump in my Breast, over 25 years ago, the only thing that I knew at that time (based on my previous herbal research) was that the lump was a build-up of toxins in my breast, and they needed to be removed.  Knowing just that little bit of information, pointed me in the direction of “My Natural Breast Cancer Cure”, and I am thankful to this day that God blessed me with the intellect and courage to attack the problem head-on with research and the determination NOT to become another Cancer statistic!

Medical Doctors Use FEAR Tactics with Cancer Patients

Unfortunately, most doctors instill a great amount of FEAR into their cancer patients, making them feel that if they don’t have surgery, or start the Chemotherapy Treatments immediately, that they will lose valuable time from their precious lives.  In reality, the cancer patient will just be delaying a most debilitating physical experience, which most people would rather avoid, if at all possible.  Too many cancer patients don’t realize that they can escape the horrors of Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy,  by “Just Saying “NO!”… , and doing a little research into Cancer Causes and the Cure of Cancer, and follow their God-given intuition on selecting a natural, non-invasive treatment that can be customized for their body, disposition and physical capability. 

Research Cancer Causes and Make Better Decisions

I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Freudenmann in producing the wonderful educational video, “Cancer is Curable NOW!”, where they traveled the world interviewing hundreds of Alternative and Natural Cancer Treatment practitioners, so that a cancer patient’s research could simply consist of the viewing of a 2-hour video in the comfort of their own home, and they would learn about 30 of the most successful and complete Alternative Cancer Treatments in the world, that are curing people RIGHT NOW!  And after viewing this wonderful video, all they would have to do is “PICK ONE”, and make a call to get all of their questions answered and start a healing process that is customized to their particular disease and body!

 Cancer Causing Stress Factors

I consider myself very fortunate for not stressing too much after my discovery of that lump in my breast.  I recently learned that stress, fear, anger and anxiety, totally shut-down your immune system, right down to the cellular level! When that happens, your body continually deteriorates (because the cells won’t receive any nutrients), until the stress is relieved!  If you know anything about Cancer, you know that you absolutely need your Immune System to cure the disease!!!  So your “state of mind”, attitude and disposition play a HUGE PART in Cancer Causes!

The Spiritual Component of Cancer Causes

I also learned just a few weeks ago during a series of educational lectures held at the Hollywood Shumei Center, that sick people may also be harboring some “Spiritual Clouds” which need to be cleansed from their spirit, before their cancer healing can take place! This was a VERY interesting discovery to me, since I had concluded in my last article that “Diseases are not Hereditary, They’re Dietary”.  To assist with this Spiritual Detox, the Members of the Center give Jyorei, which is a spiritual purification process using Divine Light.  It is a service that the Shumei Members offer FREELY to the public, because they believe that every time they change the Spiritual nature of one person, they change the world for the better!   So if you have been diagnosed with Cancer, please find a Shumei Center and receive Jyorei.  I’m pretty sure that you will be VERY glad that you did!  😀

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Learn Why the “Parasite Killing Kit” Works!

If you haven’t read the article, “My People Die For Lack of Knowledge”, please read it so that you can learn the reasoning behind the Herbal Medicine in the Parasite Killing Kit.

Removing all of the different parasites that invade the human body is  absolutely impossible using pharmaceutical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each, plus they tend to make you very ill.  Yet, in the Nature’s “herbal medicine store”, there are three herbs that can rid you of over 100 types of parasites, and without nasty side affects!

Get Rid of Your Parasites For Optimum Health!

“The Parasite Killing Kit” Herbs are : Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree), Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub), and Common Cloves (from the clove tree).  When these three herbs are taken together, they CAN CURE ALL CANCERS!  The black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and the developmental stages of at least 100 parasites, while the cloves kill the eggs.  So you can easily see why they must be used together as one single treatment , otherwise, you will not be able to completely remove them from the body.


Please note that it is the green hull surrounding the nut of the black walnut tree that has this miraculous parasiticide.  After it has turned black, it is useless.  The large green balls fall to the ground in the early fall.  In a few weeks, they will be black and decaying.  Therefore, you must be timely with your harvesting of the nuts, if you are going to make the tincture yourself.  Because time is of greatest essence, you may want to order the Black Walnut Tincture through the mail, but be sure that their tincture is not black in the bottle , but instead a light green.  You will only need one ounce of this powerful herb.  It is also recommended that you grow your own wormwood from seeds.  Be sure to purchase artemisia absynthium for your garden.  The leaves are greenish gray and very bitter.  It is also available in capsules combined with other herbs.  The third herb is the same clove that is a common spice used in baking.  The whole cloves can be ground up in a blender or grinder, so that it parasite-killing properties can be released.  You will need about 100 capsules of ground cloves (size 00). 

The three herbs and capsules that you need for the Parasite Killing Kit can be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are the best Organic Herb supplier that I know, and I highly recommend them for ALL of you Herbal needs!  Click the banner below to get your Certified Organic Herbs NOW!


<buy organic chamomile1 THE PARASITE KILLING KIT


1. Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength



 Day 1: Begin the same day that you receive it.
Take one drop.  Put it in ½ cup of water. Sip it on an empty stomach, such as before a meal.


Day 2; Take 2 drops in ½ cup water same as above.


Day 3: Take 3 drops in ½ cup water same as above.


Day 4: Take 4 drops in ½ cup water same as above.


Day 5: Take 5 drops in ½ cup water same as above.


Day 6: Take 2 tsp., all together in ½ cup water.  Be sure to SIP it, don’t gulp! Get it down within 15 minutes.  (If you are over 150 pounds, take 2-1/2 tsp.  If you are over 200 pounds, take 3 tsp.)


This dose kills any remaining stages throughout the body, including parasites in the bowels.  The grain alcohol in the tincture can make you slightly woozy for several minutes.  Simply stay seated until you are comfortable again. You may wish to add more water or honey or a spice to make it more palatable, as well as take niacinamide 500 mg to counteract the toxicity of the alcohol.  If you feel a slight nausea for a few minute, walk in the fresh air or rest until it passes.


For one year: Take 2 tsp. Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength once a week.  This will kill any parasite stages you may pick up from your family, friends, or pets.   In fact, family members and friends should take 2 tsp. every other week to avoid re-infecting you. They may be harboring a few parasites in their intestinal tract which may not be harmful to them, however, when these parasites are transmitted in any stage to someone who has had cancer, they immediately seek out the weak organ in your body to continue multiplying.


This dosage may be altered depending on how you react to taking medicine.  You may have a sensitive stomach or be worried about the toxicity side effects.  By the sixth day you will know that there is no toxicity or side effects, except the ones already mentioned.


Going Faster:  In fact, if you are convinced after the first drop of the restorative powers of the tincture, you may take 2 tsp. dose on the very first day.


Going Slower: On the other hand, if you cringe at the thought of taking an herbal medicine, or are anxious about its safety, continue the drops, increasing at your own pace, until you are ready to take the 2 tsp. dosage.


Extremely ill. Take the 2 tsp. dosage twice a day for 5 days.  Then go down to once a day for a week.  If you are much better, you may reduce further to twice a week.  This should become your maintenance level for a year.  Remember to include the wormwood and cloves twice a week also. 


2. Wormwood capsules (should contain 200-300 mg of wormwood)  


Day 1; Take 1 capsule before supper (with water)


Day 2: Take 1 capsule before supper


Day 3: Take 2 capsules before supper


Day 4: Take 2 capsules before supper.


Continue increasing in this manner to day 14, when you are up to seven capsules.  You take the capsules all in a single dose (one right after another until all are gone)  Then, you do 2 more days of 7 capsules each.  After this, you take 7 capsules once a week forever, for maintenance.  T
ry not to get interrupted in this regimen before the 6th day, so you know that adult intestinal flukes are dead.  After this, you may proceed more slowly if you wish.  Many person with sensitve stomachs prefer to stay loner on each dose instead of increasing according to this schedule. You may choose your own pace after the sixth day.


3. Cloves Fill size 00 capsules with fresh ground cloves: if this size is not available use size 0 or 000.  in a pinch, buy gelatin capsules and empty them or empty other vitamin capsules.  You may be able to purchase fresh ground cloves that are already encapsulated: they should be about 500mg.  Grocery store ground cloves do not work!  Either grind them yourself or see if your health food store will grind them fresh for you.


Day 1: Take one capsule 3 times a day before meals


Day 2: Take two capsules 3 times a day


Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Take three capsules 3 times a day.  After day 10, take 3 capsules all together once a week forever.


You may wonder, ”Are there any substitutes for the black walnut, wormwood, or cloves?”   If you have cancer and need to start the removal of the parasites in your body, you may start using other herbs and vitamins that have been used to treat cancer, which may possibly work by killing some stages of fluke growth, or have some other value which is helpful in inhibiting parasitic growth.  For instance, Red Clover Blossoms contain an inhibitor, called Genistein, which inhibits ortho-phospho-tyrosine formation.

Some Alternatives are the following:

  • Red Clover Blossoms (2 capsules, 3 x a day)
  • Pau D’ Arco (2 capsules, 3x a day)
  • Vitamin C (10 or more grams per day)
  • Laetrile (as directed by source)
  • Fresh squeezed Wheat Grass juice
  • Fresh Grapes and grape juice (with no meat in the diet)
  • Echinacea (2 capsules, 3x a day)
  • Metabolic enzymes, take as directed
  • The macrobiotic diet

Have fun Killing YOUR Parasites! 

I documented my experience with the “Parasite Killing Kit”, and posted each day in the FORUM, so that you know you have nothing to fear!

buy organic chamomile1 THE PARASITE KILLING KIT

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My Natural Breast Cancer Cure Tutorial

It’s been over 25 years since I discovered that lump in my right upper breast, and I’m happy to report, that single cyst was the first and the last one that I have found to date, and for this I am so VERY thankful! 

I sincerely hope that my story and this tutorial can give women around the world the courage and strength to Say “NO!” to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and take their power back from their Doctors, and do the research to CURE THEMSELVES of CANCER!


The list of those 36 Herbs I used is located right here, at the Herbal Medicine Store, under the Category BLOOD PURIFICATION… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HERBAL LIST of the Blood-Purifying Combo!

Have Fun Getting Well…I surely did!  😀



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MENOPAUSE PLUS – will compensate for lost Estrogen during Menopause

This natural Herbal Medicine formula contains the female hormone, estrogen, which helps compensate for diminished hormone supply due to menopause.  This is a normalizing group of Herbs that brings health to the entire genital area.  The Herbs in this Herbal Medicine compound are Bayberry Bark, Black Cohosh Root, Blue Cohosh Root, Cramp Bark, False Unicorn Root, Ginger Root, Lady Slipper Root, Pennyroyal,  Squaw Vine, and Uva Ursi.


You can find these herbs that have been ORGANICALLY GROWN at Mountain Rose Herbs!

Click on the Banner below to access the herbs for your healing!

logo2 MENOPAUSE PLUS   will compensate for lost Estrogen during Menopause

admin @ 9:04 pm

If I had Cancer, I would definitely acquire all nine Herbs used in The Hoxsey Tonic!  Here’s a comprehensive list to make it easy for you to purchase them and begin your HEALING!

RED CLOVER BLOSSOMS (Trifolium Pratense) have been historically used as a cancer remedy both internally as a blood purifier and externally as a plaster.  Recent studies of this wonderful herb have discovered that it also contains three other compounds which have all been documented to produce anticancer effects.

BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium Lappa) is known for its strong immune-boosting properties and it contains chemicals that have shown anticancer activity in lab tests on cancer cells.  It has been used historically as a cancer remedy in Chile, China, India, Canada, Russia and the U.S.

POKE ROOT (Phytolacoa amricana) Root, leaves and berries have been historically used as anticancer remedies.  Indians used the powdered root for cancer and early settlers applied the berry juice to skin cancers.  In fact, poke has been so valuable historically for treating cancer that one of its common names was “cancer root”.

NOTE: Poke root can be poisonous, so do not self-medicate solely with poke.)

BARBERRY (Berberis Vularis) contains a wealth of anticancer, antitumor, antioxidant and mutation-preventing compounds, as well as cancer preventative properties.  Native Americans used barberry plants to cleanse the blood.

PRICKLY ASH BARK (Zanthoxylum americanum) contains some of the alkaloid compounds found in barberry, so anticancer properties are certainly present in the bark of this tree.

BUCKTHORN BARK (Rhamnus frangula) has long been a remedy for cleansing the blood, liver disorders, and constipation.  It contains aloe-emodin, a laxative compound that has shown activity in animal tests against several tumor systems including leukemia.

CASCARA SAGRADA BARK (Rhamnus pursbiana) contains twice the mount of the same aloe-emodins as buckthorn.  It has historically been used as a purgative, laxative tonic and liver medicine.

STILLINGIA (Stillingia sylvatica) is a medical plant known for its alterative influence on lymphatic and secretiary functions.  It has been a long-standing remedy for internal cancer.

LICORICE ROOT (Glycyrrbiza glabra) Has estrogen-like properties, enhances the functions of the immune system, and assists elimination.

POTASSIUM IODIDE is the only non-herbal ingredient in the tonic.  It has been used historically in folk medicine and as a veterinary medicine.  Over the years it has also exhibited anticancer properties.

As I mentioned in The Hoxsey Therapy-Part Two, you can acquire these herbs, organically grown by “clicking on the link below:


Whatever they do not have, you will probably find at ( Tell them you found them on the Your Natural Cancer Cures website! )  🙂


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NO MORE ARTHRITIS Combo – Reduce swelling and stop the pain!

The NO MORE ARTHRITIS Combo is a wonderful natural Herbal Medicine compound that is cleansing and healing for arthritic and rheumatic diseases.  It has been proven effective for reducing the swelling and inflammation in the soft tissues and the stiffness and pain in the joints without any harmful side effects.  It aids in dissolving the accumulation of deposits around the joints and in other tissues, and in eliminating the harmful bacteria and inflammatory toxins from the body.  This Herbal Medicine is made of the following herbs: Alfalfa, Buckthorn Bark, Black Cohosh Root, Burdock Root, Capsicum, Chaparral,  Comfrey Root, Lobelia, Parsley, Slippery Elm, Yarrow, and Yucca.


buy organic chamomile1 NO MORE ARTHRITIS Combo   Reduce swelling and stop the pain!

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